After crash injures two Kids, a closer look in child safety in Automobiles

After crash injures two Kids, a closer look at child safety in Automobiles

PADUCAH, KY- Authorities are still investigating what caused an accident in Illinois that wounded three adults and two kids. The driver of this SUV involved was charged with failure to properly secure a child in a child restraint.

The kids were both airlifted into a Evansville, Indiana, hospital with severe injuries. The adults, who have been taken to a local hospital, are anticipated to be OK.

That wreck has parents taking a closer look at how they secure their kids in the vehicle when they travel.

Kevin and Amber Webb were focused Tuesday on spending some time with their husband, Isabella. While they were out and about, they are also focused on her security.

“I got another life at the motor vehicle that is completely dependent on me and what I am doing as an motorist. I mean that was huge, making certain that automobile seat was,” Kevin said.

They both said Isabella’s security is the top priority, particularly when they’re out on the roads.

“She’s what is likely to be left with me when I am gone so I have to ensure she’s still around. She needs to be secure. Occasionally I place her security over my wife’s. She frowns upon it but it’s significant for mepersonally,” Kevin said.

Experts say it’s imperative that you comply with the specific instructions on your kid’s car seat. There are some general things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure that you put the chair at the back seat of the car
  • Place the car seat at an essential point
  • If your child is under the age of 2, be sure that they face in the front chair

With many hitting the roads for the holidays, initial responders say folks should check their cars and passengers before they leave.

“Making certain everyone is belted in, needless to say. Ensuring your car seat is correctly installed and looking around your vehicle. You own a whole lot of moving objects in that car if you get in a collision,” Lt. Chris Powless said.

That is something the Webbs understand is vital if they travel together with their daughter.

“It is their lifeline. If something happens, their body is based on is making certain that automobile chair is holding them the slightest,” Kevin said.

Should you need help with your kid’s car seat, then the Paducah Fire Department has personnel especially certified on automobile seat installation and security. To make an appointment, telephone 270-444-8575.

For information on Kentucky state legislation on child restraints, click.

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