‘Give more Aid to child migrants’, Save the Children Informs Italy

The de facto closing of in 2016 Italy’s northern boundaries complicated the challenge facing them, ” said the charity.

Many risked their own lives along the roads or rail lines around Ventimiglia about the French border roughly Bolzano towards Austria, while Switzerland handed back some 5,000 foreign minors captured near Como on the northern Italian border between May and November 2016.

In parallel, asylum requests produced by minors opting to remain at the lobby system have exploded: there were also 6,020 at 2016, 50 percent more than at 2015.

— MSF Sea (@MSF_Sea) March 19, 2017

A Tweet from Doctors Without Borders showing kids signing and dancing on board a rescue vessel.

Save the Children called for the execution of the Italian law passed in March, which set out procedures that are precise to confirm fresh arrivals’ ages, while guaranteeing access to schooling and health care nominate pensions and guardians in reception households.

Of the minors who arrived without adults between 2011 and 2016, 17 percent were from Somalia and Gambia in 13 percent in Egypt Eritrea, and eight per cent each.

Most stated they have been 16 or 17 years old, and even though a few were older, the number of kids and pre-adolescents under 15 jumped from 698 in 2012 to. Still another 8,300 more this year, who arrived between January and May.

A Red Cross penis hands out publications to migrant girls on a rescue vessel. Photo: Yara Nardi/AFP

A tiny minority were girls, but they are increasing in variety, from 440 to 1,832 within the period of time, and largely from Nigeria and Eritreavictims of violence while still and jeopardized in Europe.

Virtually all those Eritreans, Somalis, Syrians and Afghans who arrived on Italy’s coasts – numbering over 22,500 young folks over six years – rapidly moved on to attempt to connect friends or family in other European nations, placing themselves in the hands of unscrupulous people trafficking networks.

The UN’s refugee chief Filippo Grandi stated on Tuesday the Europe’s programme for moving the influx of migrants into the continent has been a “disappointment,” just as the EU began legal action against three eastern European nations for refusing to take in their share.

By the beginning of June, fewer than 20,000 of 160,000 refugees were relocated under the solidarity plan put in place in 2015 to attempt to cure Europe’s largest migration crisis since World War II and also ease the burden.

A Red Cross member holds a child on a rescue boat. Photo: Yara Nardi/AFP

More than minors have came in Italy since 2011, and they’re increasingly vulnerable and young, Save the Children said on Wednesday, calling on authorities to do much more.