Kid rights commission chairperson urges aide in children in jail

A Facebook post by Ananya Chakraborti, chairperson, West Bengal Commission asking people to donate food and clothes in jails of West Bengal, has raised eyebrows.  

Chakraborti’s post on Saturday read, ‘Rohingya children in jails with their mothers (0-6 years) need clothes, warm clothes, savlonand mosquito nets for infants. Also snacks, biscuitsare welcome. Anyone desiring to give pl contact West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights. There are 17 children in one jail’.

Since it’s unprecedented for any chairperson of the commission to invite gifts that were such the post had raised several eyebrows. It comes in a time when the Centre, via an affidavit in the Supreme Court had stated that Rohingya muslims from Myanmar ought to be deported and that they had been a safety threat to India. The affidavit also stated that Rohingya muslims has connections with banned terror outfits.

Senior officials of Nabanna stated if Chakraborti could have done it on an individual 24, that they were not positive. “Being the chairperson of the commission she could have spoken to the respective jail authorities or the authorities,” stated a senior Nabanna official.

A former member of the commission came stating that the post was aimed at collecting clothes and food items for kids in need. “It is an excellent initiative on her role and is completely in sync with her duties and responsibilities. She has taken to media to market help for kids who need support. What’s the harm in it?” He explained.

Talking to DNA, Chakraborti stated that there was nothing wrong and that even if some folks tried query it, she would not take off it. “I never asked folks for depositing money in my bank account. I’d appealed to people who could donate clothes, mosquito nets, chocolates, biscuits and cakes for 17 kids that are in jail. There is nothing wrong in it perhaps the mediapersons are working to create a controversy out of nothing,” Chakraborti said.

She said she had not encounter any controversy over her post and on the contrary there’d been some reaction. “You’ve been 29 stocks of the article till this morning and many have commented about the post expressing their interest to assist the kids that are in need,” she added.

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