Lord Janner’s Kids denied formal role in Westminster child abuse probe

Lord Janner’s children have been denied core participant standing in the inquiry into allegations of child abuse in Westminster.

The late politician is alleged to have abused kids over a period spanning over 30 years dating back to the 1950s — even allegations strenuously denied with his own family.

Daniel Janner QC has stated the decision is “astonishing’ (Jonathan Brady/PA)

A strand of the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse has been formed specifically focusing on the Labour peer.

His son Daniel Janner QC and brothers Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner and Marion Janner were granted core player standing — giving them a formal part in the query process — in the Lord Janner strand nevertheless have been denied such a position from the strand focusing on Westminster.

Mr Janner has stated it is “unfair and astonishing” the family has dropped its program for core player standing.

“In my dad was alive it is unthinkable he could have been refused core participation status,” he said.

“He functioned in Westminster for over 40 decades.

“It is now my privilege to continue to battle because of his reputation despite the collapse of civil claims against his estate.

“nobody is going to be present to guard his reputation in a Kafkaesque procedure.”

He enticed Professor Alexis Jay, who’s leading the inquiry, of being “blind to the obvious danger of my dad’s great name being trashed in the Westminster strand”.

Within her decision judgment Professor Jay stated that it was “not suitable” for your family to possess core status in the Westminster strand as well as that the Lord Janner strand.

She added: “to the extent that Mr Janner’s program is based on worries regarding his dad’s reputation, and his own ability to react to allegations made about his dad, all these are things for the Janner Investigation in which Mr Janner has already been granted core player standing”