Certified In Elleebana Training

If you want to learn a new skill that is going to make you a lot of money, you might want to learn how to do the Elleebana lash lift. This procedure will show you how to create beautiful lashes for your clients and the results can be amazing. This training will increase your income and you will enjoy higher profits when you learn how to do this technique.

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The Elleebana lash lift takes about 20 minutes to do and it lifts the lashes using silicone rolls. There are no rollers used like with other techniques and you use a single-use kit to give perfect results. Each kit allows you to do up to 30 lifts and you can easily lift lashes in a way that is hygienic and easy. There is no waste and your customers are going to be thrilled.

Since each treatment only takes 20 minutes you can maximize your profits and the silicone rolls allow you to get the right position each and every time. The procedure is comfortable for your clients and it will make their eyelashes look longer without extensions. You can also use the procedure to straighten lashes and lift the lashes.

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The formula is easy on the lashes and it also will nourish your client’s lashes so they are stronger and more supple. You can learn how to do this procedure at http://www.lovcosmetik.com/. It is a great thing to do if you want stronger and more beautiful lashes for your clients and you also want to learn the latest techniques that will help you make more money and offer new services to your clients. The Elleebana lash lift is a great technique to learn.