Beautiful Rachel Simpson Wedding Shoes

When you are planning out your wedding attire for your special day, there can be a great deal of excitement when it comes to the shoes. There may be several times during your ceremony and reception where your guests will catch a glimpse of the shoes under your dress, so it is always best to find the perfect pair to really match your dress and wow all of your guests. Many brides today are looking to some of the stunning options that are available in the Love Lane Boutique wedding shoes line.

Rachel Simpson< is a designer that takes a great deal of her vintage inspiration from the 1930s to the 1950s for her wedding shoe line. She is a British, multi-award winning footwear designer that has come up with some of the most stunning handmade shoes that are just right to go with any vintage inspired affair. As a very recognizable worldwide brand, these shoes are highly sought after by any bride who is looking for a footwear choice for her big day that is truly unique and beautiful.

All of the shoes that are available in the Rachel Simpson footwear line use nothing but the softest and highest quality leather materials. Not only are these shoes a real delight to wear, but they are a wonderful option to hold onto as a keepsake from your wedding for many years to come. The varied heel heights and the different colors will give you even more options to choose from when you want to add something special to your shoe selection for your wedding.

When you really want to have something fun, unique and truly you for your wedding day, you should be looking at some of the choices available from the Rachel Simpson Wedding Shoes line.