Heart Touching Flooring

When it comes to choosing the best flooring for your bathroom there many commonalities with other flooring that you will need to take into account such as cost, appearance and durability. However, there is also one significant difference that you need to consider when compared to other rooms in your house. That is the large amounts of water that are used in bathrooms.

Water is quite prevalent in a bathroom and if you choose the wrong bathroom flooring it can be quickly ruined. The following are the best flooring options for your bathroom:

1. Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

https://www.amtico.com/ offers a variety of tiles that are ideal for the bathroom. They are cost-effective, stylish and water proof. Porcelain tile is similar to stone in that is can provide a very solid, textured and rich feel. It is also fairly inexpensive, waterproof and looks fantastic.


Individual tiles come in various sizes as well as shapes, including hexagonal and octagonal. Smaller mosaic tiles come pre-mounted on top of plastic mesh sheets. That way each tile does not need to be individually set.

Tile also cleans up well and easy and resists water, including standing pools.


Tile is cold (although heated or radiant tiles are available).

Tile can also be slippery, although that problem can be solved through texturing or using smaller tiles.

2. Vinyl

There are several reasons why the most popular bathroom flooring option is vinyl. Vinyl is easy to install and there is a multitude of different style options to choose from. It is also very practical and affordable.

If you are expecting high amounts of water, like in laundry rooms or children’s bathrooms, then your best option is sheet vinyl flooring.

3. Natural Stone

Limestone, granite, marble and many other stone flooring options do not have a lot of moisture problems, so therefore can make a great bathroom floor.

However, there are some potential drawbacks to it. First of all, stone is cold. It also has a tendency to be slippery. You can solve this problem by buying slate or another naturally textured stone, or texturing it through sandblasting. The biggest drawback to stone flooring is that it is more expensive than most other bathroom flooring options.