Counseling Children for Salvation – Child Evangelism Fellowship

Irvin Overholtzer, founder of Child Evangelism Fellowship® said, “At every step in leading a child to Christ, pray for, look for and expect the Holy Spirit to convict of sin, to reveal the truth of the Gospel and to illumine the child’s mind so he can grasp the saving truth.” Ask the Holy Spirit to convict the child of sin and to make the Gospel clear to him, then trust the Holy Spirit to work.

You will need the Holy Spirit’s wisdom in discerning what the child is understanding concerning salvation and if he is sincere. One thing to remember, however, is that none of us can truly grasp or have full understanding of the amazing grace of God and the salvation He so kindly offers to each of us. But you can ask some questions of the child to see if he has an understanding of foundational truths of the Gospel.

Here’s some things that are important to go over with the new believer:

A friend of mine was counseling a little boy who had just believed in Jesus. He told the boy, “The Lord is your Helper. He will help you to win over sin. But you will sin.” To which the little boy replied, “Well then God isn’t a very good Helper, is He?”

Be clear in teaching that God will help him win over sin, but there will be times when he chooses to sin. Read and explain I John 1:9 with the child, teaching him how to confess his sins immediately when he recognizes he has displeased God. To confess means to agree with God that what was done was wrong. When he confesses his sin, God promises to forgive Him!

Counseling a child for salvation doesn’t have to be frightening. In fact, it can be one of the most exciting things you do! Pray for, look for, and expect the Holy Spirit to work in the heart of the child and through you. Ask God to give you the opportunity to counsel a child for salvation soon.