India: Tragic college bus accident kills 23 children and 3 adults — Society’s Child —

At least 23 children and 2 teachers were killed when a school bus plunged 328 feet into a gorge in Himachal Pradesh’s, on the Punjab border, on Monday afternoon. Kangra district officials fear the death toll may climb as 11 other kids are injured at the worst school bus accident at the area in the past few decades. The status of at least three of the wounded kids, hospitalised at Pathankot in Punjab, are reportedly serious. All the children are between 5 and 14 decades.

The bus belonging to this Wazir Ram Singh Pathania private college had left the campus at about 3 pm. It’d hardly covered 6 kilometers once the motorist is thought to have lost control of their bus, leading to the fatal plunge. An area girl who had taken a lift on the bus a couple of minutes before was one of the dead.

Officials said that it would be tricky to determine the reason for the accident until they talk to the lands and receive additional information. They have, however, filed a case against the motorist Madan Lal, an ex-army guy, that, too, was murdered in the accident. He’s been reserved for reckless driving and causing death by neglect under the Indian Penal Code.

Police officials will also be speaking to locals who had been the initial responders. Many of them had rushed down to the wreckage the minute they heard the loud sound of the bus hitting rocks. Of the 23 children murdered, 13 were boys and 10 were girls. “I heard a loud bang and rushed out just to see the bus falling down. It attained bottom of this hill speedily,” said an eyewitness Sahil Kumar.

Khwara village dropped maximum 13 lives which include 12 kids and a girl identified as Poonam. Mass cremation will occur on Tuesday.

Kangra SP Santosh Patial told TOI that the impact of the accident was such that a lot of this vehicle was crushed. “We needed to cut open the body of their bus to pull out the victims and survivors,” he explained. “We have been able to account for 38 men and women in the bus. As a precaution, we’re making sure no one dropped out at the right time of this accident.”

Principal of the college, Sunita Kumari, said the bus was carrying students of all standards – from nursery school to class 10. “The bus was inspected by each of the authorities and had fulfilled all norms,” she explained.