Children’s Educational Toys!

Children’s Educational Toys are the best for parents and children!

As the mother of two little girls, I think it is important to think about our children’s toys before purchasing! Here are several questions you might want to ask yourself about your children’s toys?

Are these children’s toys educational?
What is my child going to learn from this toy?
Will it stimulate their imagination?
Will my children use it for pretend play?
Can they use this toy in more than one way?

Here are a few of our top picks for children’s educational toys:

1. Melissa and Doug Educational Puzzles

These Melissa and Doug Educational puzzles are a first choice for parents and children. Your children can learn strategies, matching and more! As you complete the puzzle, you can discuss with your child the colors and then match the objects.

These puzzles are perfect for themed lessons. Or, use the puzzles for a night for great fun and communication. Melissa and Doug offer over 20 different floor puzzles.

2. Melissa and Doug Play Food

These educational toys are perfect for playing house or restaurant. Your child can pretend to serve you lunch or dinner. They can learn their food groups with Melissa and Doug Food Groups sets. While playing with the cutting food box, your children can learn fractions.

These educational toys are more than just play food. They’re highly instructional. Your child will love playing and learning.

3. Melissa and Doug Musical Instruments

Use Melissa and Doug Instruments and allow your child to learn and explore movement and sounds. You can find everything from a children grand piano, to the classic favorite band in the box, and a child’s recorder. What’s more is that these children’s toys are reasonably priced!

4. Melissa and Doug Puppets

Do your children love to pretend? Then they will love acting out different scenarios with their puppets. The scenarios are endless. They can pretend to be the chef of the kitchen or the fire fighter who saves the day! Melissa and Doug offer over 18 different puppets, including animals, a castle and other various characters. They are all so adorable that it is hard to pick a favorite!

5. Usborne Books Kid Kits

These are a top pick by children and parents! Each kit comes with a book and a corresponding toy. They are so much fun! The educational kit includes everything your children need to do the activity and learn about the particular topic.

Usborne offers more than 40 different topics to learn and read about, to a variety of age levels for both girls and boys, too. Some of the topics include: calligraphy, card tricks, magic, butterflies, batteries, Cinderella, dinosaurs, horse, pirates, princess, science, ballet and more.

6. Lego’s Toys

Lego’s allow your children to build and explore, while creating their own masterpiece. These are perfect for children who want to explore and develop.

Your children will be able to use their imagination to build a fairy castle, a future space station, or various cars. They even offer Lego play sets based on popular films, such as Spider-man, Star Wars or Indiana Jones. Just follow the Lego’s instructions or you can create and explore on your own.

7. Lincoln Logs Toys

With Lincoln Logs, your children can learn to build their own home. Just follow the directions to create your own cabin. Or, your child can use their imagination to build something more, perhaps a two-story cabin!

They will have so much fun learning and exploring with this educational toy!