Woman charged with child endangering for Maintaining children in Dirty Parma Heights Flat

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio – A Parma Heights woman was arrested and charged with child endangering   and causing a disturbance after authorities discovered her children living in a “state of complete filth.”

On Friday, authorities responded to the 6000 block of Big Creek Parkway after a neighbor reported a woman  with her children resulting in a disturbance.

When authorities arrived at the apartment building, they found Samaria Kyle highly intoxicated and slurring her voice.

Kyle admitted to police she had four alcoholic beverages before correcting herself to say “several alcoholic beverages,” according to a police report.  

The neighbor told authorities he saw Kyle laying outside his apartment door together with what appeared to be a urine stain.

1 officer has been greeted with a 7-year-old boy who had been walking towards a opened flat door with the keys inside the lock.   Officers also  observed that a girl strapped in a car seat.

An officer found food, newspapers, bags, dishes and garbage scattered through the home. An officer saw that the sleeve of a youngster’s shirt burning over the ground and found a burning odor.

The officer used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

The children appeared to be filthy and famished, according to the report.

Kyle told officers that the flat was a mess because she was being evicted on Dec. 29 and had to pack as a result of it.

A officer maintained her 7-month-old  due to Kyle continued to sway back and forth because she was being interviewed for her whereabouts, according to the police report.

While being interviewed by authorities, without even realizing it, she dropped on the couch sat on her kid’s leg.   Kyle blew a BAC of .254, according to the report.  

Kyle was previously arrested in June for OVI.

They were taken by the children’s grandparents after Kyle was put under arrest and transported to jail.